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Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

Rosen Creutz Orden

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Somewhere in the Silence

Clouds of another life wash across the sunlight,
Changing shape as they go by
Thought I saw your face there
But like them you just disappear
Disappear into empty sky, quietly
And so removed from reason
Have you ever had to reason?
The eagle comes and goes
To somewhere much higher when the silence grows
Can you hear it, sniper?
Visions and memories
Where some one once laid flowers
For the past and things to come
Thought you were gone but I can feel you
So I turn around and there you are
Can you give it some meaning?
Ask again, but you say nothing
Motion without sound
Ice inside the fire
The stillness in the storm
Silence hides the sniper
What goes through your sniper’s mind?

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Igne Natura Renovarum Integra
-- Rozen Creutz Orden

Social capital

  • less than 10